Jobs for Washington’s Graduates

Helping youth achieve academic success and workforce readiness

Jobs for Washington’s Graduates (JWG) is the Washington State chapter of Jobs for America’s Graduates.

Who we are

The mission of Jobs for Washington’s Graduates is to help youth overcome life and academic obstacles enabling them to stay in school, graduate and successfully transition to continued education and quality entry-level careers.

JWG Class of 2014 students achieved a 95% graduation rate – substantially better than the statewide 4-year grad rate of 77.2% and 5-year grad rate of 79.9%.

Why JWG? Q&A with Career & Tech Ed Director from Franklin Pierce School District

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The Jobs for Washington’s Graduates Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to support, develop and promote JWG sites and programs in Washington.

What we do

The ultimate objective of JWG is to provide participants with classroom and work-based learning experiences that result in a quality job or postsecondary training leading to a career after graduation or completion of a GED. JWG programs provide students with intensive job readiness preparation, leadership development, academic remediation, and job and college placement services, including ongoing support for a full year after graduation.

JWG connects its efforts to career and technical education. Through CTE, JWG students get technical, academic and 21st century skills that better prepare them for career and college options. Many CTE courses articulate to college credit while the student is still in high school, and all are linked to industry standards that inform the curricula and give students experience and skills that assist their transition to the workforce and postsecondary education. For example, through the Microsoft IT Academy program, students can gain industry-level certifications in any Microsoft program. To learn more about CTE programs in Washington, visit the Career and Technical Education webpage.

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Program Snapshot:

  • For credit Career and Technical Education course
  • Reaches at-risk students
  • Improves graduation rates
  • Provides college and career readiness skills
  • Students mentored to pursue post-secondary education
  • Students provided assistance securing entry-level jobs